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The best domain hosting in Kenya provider is one that is fast and provides excellent value for money. Though there is a humongous number of domain hosting companies in Kenya, you can’t trust all of them for your domain and hosting needs.

As such, you must do due diligence on your part to ascertain that the company you will be engaging with is capable of meeting all your domain requirement needs.

An ideal domain hosting in Kenya company should be able to accord you all the features and support you need for online success.

They should be generous with bandwidth, affordable domains, proper storage, and easy domain and website management through features such as cPanel.

The best hosting companies in Kenya must offer clients with such features. Additionally, the company must offer real value for money.

After trying out several domain hosting in Kenya services, we are settling on Raysco Net and Web Solutions as the best overall web hosting company in Kenya.

Keep reading to find out why we settled for this company as well as others worth considering when searching for domain hosting in Kenya services.

Raysco Web and Net Solutions – Best overall domain hosting in Kenya provider

Topping our list of the best domain hosting in Kenya is Raysco Web and Net Solutions. Headquartered in Juja, Raysco is proving to be a well-balanced hosting solutions provider with a fast-growing nationwide presence.

They have the perfect blend of premium-level speed, customer support, rich features, and most importantly, affordable packages.

What features does Raysco Offer?

Raysco Net and Web Solutions has every feature you may require for your hosting needs. Think about generous amounts of storage space even with their least packages.

With their hosting, you also get to benefit from unlimited emails, a free SSL Certificate, and a free domain name for every new client. Additionally, you will have a fabulous website builder.

You will also love the cPanel that comes with every account where you will have a breeze when managing your domains, and websites and setting up emails.

Does Raysco offer value for money?

Rayco’s value for money is outstanding, bringing you some of the most affordable web hosting services in Kenya.

Their shared hosting plan starts from Ksh. 2320 only for a one-year period. You will be getting premium web hosting services, but just at a fraction of the price.

Check out more packages from Raysco Web and Net Solutions Here.

Hostpinnacle Kenya – Most Affordable Domain hosting in Kenya

Hostpinnacle Kenya claims to have hosted more than 1,500 domains in Kenya. They are also a fairly popular hosting company among bloggers and WordPress enthusiasts in the country.

For some years, they have been gaining ground as one of the most preferred domain hosting providers in Nairobi.

What features does HostPinnacle Kenya Offer?

With their starter plan, they promise you 35GB of disc space as well as a horde of freebies such as free site-building tools, a lifetime domain, unlimited email accounts, unlimited monthly bandwidth, and even free M-Pesa integration.

Their cPanel is quite intuitive and most people won’t have any problems using it even if it is their first time with a hosting service provider in Kenya.  

Does HostPinnacle Offer Value for Money?

HostPinnacle Starter packages are available for an annual charge of Ksh. 2999. They have 4 hosting packages that you can choose from.

This comes with a lot of flexibility since you have the convenience of choosing just the right solution that will suit your hosting needs.

One thing to note about HostPinnacle Kenya, however, is that they are not very responsive to messages or online chat. They don’t offer 24/7 customer support and you can only reach them during the normal working hours in Kenya.


SASAHOST is another reliable hosting company worth considering in Kenya.

They are relatively new in the industry but are already making a name for themselves by providing reliable hosting solutions, especially to startups in Nairobi and Mombasa.

They are not the cheapest in the list – for the cheapest web hosting in Kenya, check the first company in this list.

In addition to offering vibrant hosting solutions, they also have a relatively active customer support department, with support available 24/7.

You can reach them via live chat on their website, email and phone.

What Features Does SASAHOST offer?

 SASAHOST least package is available for Ksh .3250 and this comes with a disc space of 25GB.

It also comes with unlimited SSD storage, free SSL, unlimited subdomains, a free domain, premium SMTP relay and spam and virus protection.

They offer cPanel as their official control panel, with a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features.

Does HOSTSASA offer value for money?

Though not the cheapest on the list, HOSTSASA definitely offers good value for money.

They have four packages for you to choose from.

As such, they provide you with a variety of options that will cater for every hosting need you may have.

Click here to learn more about their packages and features.

Kenya Web Experts

Kenya Web Experts is a household name when it comes to domain registration, domain hosting and web hosting in Kenya.

They have been around for a while, building a loyal client base over the years. They are mostly known for offering low-cost hosting solutions since their prices are relatively affordable.

But this has also been one of their greatest undoing since the low prices sometimes attract very poor quality services.

If customer service is at the top of your concerns when choosing a web hosting provider, then skip Kenya Web Experts for now. Their customer service is okay, but won’t earn them any mentions anywhere.

What features do Kenya Web Experts Offer?

Kenya Web Experts have solid hosting plans, featuring generous bandwidth, free SSL, free SEO services, and a free domain, all included in the very basic package.

They use cPanel as their primary control panel.

Do Kenya Web Experts offer Value for Money?

If you are looking for affordable hosting solutions in Kenya, then Kenya Web Experts will serve you just fine.

With their basic package starting at only Ksh.849 per year, this is the hosting provider you come to when you need hosting on a budget. Just remember all the downsides that come with cheap web hosting prices in Kenya.

Check out this link for more pricing options from Kenya Web Experts

True Host

True Host is another reputable domain hosting company in Kenya.

It brings together affordability and reliability in hosting solutions, making it one of the preferred cheap hosting services providers in Kenya for those who are just getting started in the world of domains and hosting.

Their basic package starts at Ksh. 700. With this, you will get 50GB disc space, a free SSL certificate, the ability to host up to 30 domains, unlimited email accounts, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited bandwidth transfer, and your own cPanel.

Does True Host offer value for money?

True Host also offers real value for money. They are affordable with lots of features that will be okay for the ordinary web and domain hosting needs of most people.

Their customer service is equally impressive, with many channels to reach them and very first response times.

Click this link for more details about their plans and