Choosing the right domain name for your Kenyan website is vital for your online success. With the wrong domain, you may end up misrepresenting your business, hurting your brand and never getting the most out of search engine optimization.

Though there are many domain hosting companies in Kenya, they are not going to choose a domain for you. They may offer insights, but this is solely your responsibility. In this article, you will learn how to choose the perfect domain like a pro.

Once you are done reading this, you will never have to worry about getting the wrong domain for your business again. Keep reading to find out more.

Why is the right domain name important for your business

A good domain name has the potential to make your website look more credible and trustworthy. It can also play a huge role in helping you get more traffic for your website.

Here is a brief look at some of the reasons why you need to get it right with the domain name for your Kenyan business-:

The right domain name will create the perfect first impression

Unknown to most online business owners in Kenya, it is the domain name that a site’s visitors will notice when they first make contact with the website.

As such, it should be unique and easy to remember so that it may have a good and lasting impression on the site’s visitors.

Always go for domain names that have some semblance to your business so that your site visitors may figure out the relationship as quickly as possible.

A good domain name comes with numerous search engine benefits

In as much as a domain name won’t have a direct impact on the actual rankings of your website on search engines, the peripheral advantages are too strong to ignore.

A good name will not only increase interest among the visitors to your site but also will increase the click-through rates, leading to many visitors landing on your website.

With the increased click-through rates, search engines are likely to reward you with improved rankings.

Before approaching the hosting companies in Kenya to host your domain, ensure that the domain name you have chosen is SEO-friendly.

You can achieve this by including a relevant keyword in the domain, and avoiding the use of hyphens or numbers so that it becomes friendlier and memorable to the readers.

Branding benefits

When searching for the perfect domain for your website, always ensure that it contains the name of your business, either in part or in full.

This will give you a huge branding boost in addition to increasing its recognition.

Top Tips on How to Land the Perfect Domain Name for Your Business

Always go for a .com extension

There are plenty of domain extensions coming up every week, but however appealing they may sound, always stick to a .com extension.

This is the most credible and established domain extension in the world, with very powerful SEO advantages.

We believe that new extensions such as .me, .ninja, .pizza etc. may make your business appear unworthy and this may deter some potential clients from engaging with your brand.

It is also worth noting that most of the smart devices used for browsing the internet have keyboards with a .com button and as such, it makes it easier for them to access websites whose names have this extension.

Include a keyword in your domain if possible

When you include relevant keywords in your domain name, it will help your site visitors find the website quickly, and they will also understand the purpose of your website quickly.

It also comes with search engine benefits since it will be easier to rank for your main keyword if the domain name includes that keyword.

This is because there are instances when keyword-rich domains easily match search queries. This, then, translates to lots of traffic to your website.

Keep your domain name short and memorable

In as much as using keywords on your domain is vital, don’t overdo it such that you end up with a long domain that can’t be easily remembered by your potential clients.

The ideal recommendation is that you should keep your domain under 15 characters. The longer the domain name, the harder it will be for people to remember it.

This will not only impact your branding but also the traffic volumes to your website.

Choose a domain name that is easy to pronounce and spell

You should have a domain that is easy to pronounce and easy to spell. This is so that anyone can share it by simply shouting it out or writing it for someone.

You never know when someone may ask you about the name of your website. If you go ahead and give a tough name, they are likely to forget after a few steps.

Also, if you will be using the domain name to create professional email addresses, it must be easy to understand and spell for those with whom you will be sharing your contacts.

Choose a unique name that is easily brandable

If you look at some of the domain hosting companies in Kenya, you will realize that they have brandable domain names.

This is not by chance, and you also need to do the same with your domain names. Such domains have creative, unique and catchy elements to them.

They are not only powerful in making your website stand out, but also they will make your website gain more recognition in addition to increasing the traffic numbers.

Don’t use hyphens and numbers in the domain name

Never have a domain name that contains hyphens and numbers. Usually, these are normally seen in spam domains and as such, they have a very low reputation among online users.

Domains with hyphens and numbers are also prone to typing errors.

If you settle for a domain with a hyphen because the non-hyphenated one is already taken, when users mistype your domain name, they will always land on your competitor’s website.

Therefore, avoid these kinds of domains at all costs.

Talk to your domain hosting companies in Kenya to help you come up with unique domains for your business if you can’t think beyond hyphenated and numerical domains.

Don’t use double letters in your domain

Don’t use double letters in your domain. Domains with double letters have increased chances of losing valuable traffic due to typos.

For example, with a domain such as, it will be more prone to typos, leading to lots of lost traffic.

Additionally, avoiding double letters in your domain will make it easy for the users to type, more brandable and more memorable.

Act quickly before someone snatches it up

Thousands of people are registering domains each day. You may find the perfect domain for your business at night, then wait to register it in the morning, only to find that someone else has snatched it.

To avoid this, when you find a domain name that you think is perfect for your business, move with speed and register it immediately.

Besides, the domain names from the domain hosting companies in Kenya are relatively cheap. If you don’t like one that you already registered, just find another one.

It won’t bankrupt your business.

Get Free Domain Registration with hosting in Kenya

The bulk of the domain hosting companies in Kenya usually offer free domains when you purchase a hosting package with them.

If you are just getting started, contact us now for a free domain name. All you have to do is pick a hosting package of your choice and we will give you a free domain name.

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