If you need SEO services in Kenya, you should know how to choose the right SEO agency from the hundreds that you will encounter online.

The right choice of your SEO company can be the difference between your website getting a significant increase in organic traffic and wasting valuable time and money.

Some SEO agencies may deceive you and implement black hat techniques that may end up getting your website penalized.  This will deny you the chance to get lots of organic traffic.

For success in the search engines, you must work with a reliable search engine optimization agency. Such an agency will create good search engine optimization campaigns for your business.

Sadly, there is always a lot of competition to succeed in the search market. This is because nearly all businesses want to rank on top for their search keywords.

For your peace of mind and business success, you must strive to invest in an effective online campaign with a reliable agency that has a track record of delivering results for its clients.

Though there are numerous SEO companies in Kenya, the process of choosing the best ones for your business shouldn’t be a daunting task.

Here is a brief look at some of the things you should consider in your search for a good search engine optimization agency in Kenya-:

Define your goals and ROI measurements before contacting them

Before you engage in a company offering SEO services in Kenya, you must have a very good understanding of what you are trying to achieve with search engine optimization, and how much money you are willing to spend to achieve that goal.

After you determine your goals and how much you are willing to spend, you must also think about how you are going to measure the ROI.

Are you looking for direct leads, or you are interested in getting more leads? Do you want more email signups on your website or do you simply want to rank on top of the search engines so that you may increase your brand awareness?

Answers to such questions will help direct your interactions with the SEO services providers in Kenya when you finally make contact with them.

Go for the agency of the right size

Many companies are offering SEO services in Kenya. Whether you are looking for large, small or medium-sized companies, you will find them in plenty.

However, you need to understand that there are always negatives and positives of working with SEO agencies of all sizes.

If you choose to work with a small agency, you will find that they are often less expensive, but also offer crappy services. In as much as they are keen to offer personalized marketing experiences, they may never be full service. This implies that you may still need to hire experts with other skillsets they don’t have to accomplish certain SEO tasks.

Large SEO agencies in Kenya, on the other hand, will be relatively expensive but will be equipped to handle large campaigns in multiple industries.

Also, large SEO agencies may have their in-house web development team so that you get a one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs.

Additionally, they have many staff and many clients, so it may not be possible to receive personalized attention.

Before approaching any SEO marketing agency in Kenya, consider their size and weigh the pros and cons you may encounter working with them.

Always try to find an agency whose size is in line with your needs, and budget and they can offer the kind of experience you are looking for.

Look at the Agency’s Portfolio

It is easy for any SEO company to claim that they are the best SEO marketing company in Kenya, but if they can’t back it up with a solid portfolio of clients they have served successfully in the past, then such claims should never be taken seriously.

Before you engage anyone for SEO services in Kenya, take time and go through their work. Let their website be your starting point.

Check to see if their website is properly optimized for the search engines. Check to see if they are ranking for any of their keywords.

If they are unable to rank themselves, then there are very good chances that they will not rank your website.

Also, take some time to check up on the companies they have worked for in the past. Check their rankings on Google. If nothing shows up, don’t waste your time with them.

Seek to work with a transparent SEO company in Kenya

For a smooth experience, you need to know the kind of SEO work being done on your website, and who is responsible for that campaign.

During your interview with the potential SEO services provider in Kenya, consider asking questions along these lines-:

  • What is your SEO strategy?
  • Do you consider trends during the implementation of your strategy?
  • What is the experience of the team?
  • What information will be sharing with me as the client?
  • How is the nature of communication that I should expect from you?

The goal of this is to give you a clearer picture of the kind of engagement and transparency you can expect from the provider.

If you are not convinced by any of the responses, move on to the next company.

No Guarantee of Results

Take a very keen note of what the SEO marketing agency in Kenya guarantees. If they give you guarantees of a certain spot in Google, never trust them.

No one has the power to promise a specific spot on Google.  Or guarantee a given traffic amount from the search engines.

The only guarantee they should give you is that they will be diligent in following the search engine guidelines and deliver quality work.

Remember, Google usually updates its algorithm regularly. As such, you need to work with an agency that is on top of these updates. This is so that your website can enjoy the most from the latest changes in the algorithm.

Know the agency’s expectations of you

You should understand that there will be occasions when the agency will require some input from you. They may request to have a call or a meeting to discuss the progress of your campaigns.

They may also need your input when writing a blog post or when tweaking some of your website’s content.

Ask them the kind of input they will require from you, and be ready to cooperate when the time comes.

Ensure to understand the pricing well

Search engine optimization in Kenya is a long-term investment. It may take several weeks or even months before you start seeing meaningful results.

As such, you must have a thorough understanding of the agency’s pricing and the specific items included. Usually, the pricing will include strategy, research, implementation, analysis and reporting.

But there may be additional components such as web development, and  copywriting necessary for the overall success of the optimization.

Therefore, be sure to have a clear understanding of the pricing and the specific items included.

Choose the best SEO services in Kenya

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