Are you thinking of doing search engine optimization Nairobi? Well, SEO is an exciting journey. It is a powerful means of getting lots of targeted visitors to your website for free.

Search engine optimization entails a lot. In the process, there are certain mistakes you may end up committing which may hurt your rankings.

You must be watchful so that you don’t fall for these mistakes and waste your time and resources.

Read below for a brief look at some of the common SEO mistakes you must avoid when doing search engine optimization Nairobi.

Lack of an SEO Plan and Roadmap

Doing proper search engine optimization is not like walking into a supermarket and buying a loaf of breaks. For you to see any meaningful results with SEO, you must be deliberate with your actions.

You must have a plan on what you want to rank for.  Then you need to know how to execute the plan.

You must know the key metrics that you will be looking at to gauge if your efforts are bearing any fruit. 

Poor Keyword Research for search engine optimization Nairobi

Don’t be like the numerous website owners who randomly create websites and then hope that they will just rank.

If you create content on a topic that nobody is searching for, don’t expect any traffic.

To avoid this, do proper keyword research and have a clear understanding of what the people are searching for.

Failure to match search intent for search engine Nairobi

Google’s chief aim is to avail users of the most relevant results for their search terms. Therefore, if you want to enjoy top spots in Google, provide the most relevant results for your searchers.

This implies that you must match the search intent. To avoid misaligning the search intent, be deliberate with the content type you create. Also check on the format of the content, and finally, the angle of the content.

While working on the content types, are you writing landing pages, blog posts, or product description pages?

Regarding content format, do you want to write tutorials, listicles, recipes, or how-to guides? The content angle, on the other hand, is the dominant selling point.

Attempting to target tough keywords for search engine Nairobi

If you are going after very tough keywords for search engine optimization Nairobi, you will have a tough time getting any traffic.

Before you attempt to rank any keyword, check the keyword difficulty for that phrase or sets of keywords. 

The keyword difficulty will tell you how easy or how tough it would be for you to gain the top spots for that particular keyword or phrase on the search engines.

If there is already tough competition for that keyword, then going after it may not be a good idea.

Either, you will require a lot of time and resources to unseat the current holders of the top spots or you will simply never manage to outrank your competition.

Therefore, carefully evaluate your competition and be sure that your target keywords are easy to rank.

Failure to build enough backlinks

Backlinks are one of the leading ranking factors for Google. Therefore, if, after your search engine optimization in Nairobi you find that your website is not ranking properly, then know that you could be having a backlink problem.

Learn how to build solid links back to your site, always considering all the best practices for link building.

If you engage in suspicious activities such as blasting thousands of links to your website overnight, you could be penalized for this and you might as well say goodbye to higher ranking on the search engines.

Ignoring internal linking opportunities for search engine optimization Nairobi

Internal links are vital since they help Google in discovering new content, and also to better understand the context of your site’s content.

Therefore, if you ignore internal linking, you are missing an awesome opportunity to help Google learn more about your content and reward you with the best possible ranks.

Stopping Google from crawling your website

The goal of search engine optimization in Nairobi is to let Google discover your website and then rank you accordingly for increased traffic.

However, some people inadvertently deny Google the chance to discover their websites by blocking the Google crawlers.

Remember, if Google can’t crawl your page, then it can’t see what is inside. As such, it will not be possible for it to rank you accordingly.

To avoid this costly mistake, check to see that your robot.txt file does not disallow Google bots from crawling your website.

Having a very slow site

The loading speed of a website is a very important ranking factor. When your website is slow, it will not only affect Google rankings but also will have a direct impact on your leads or sales.

Nearly 70% of your site’s traffic will navigate away when you present them with slow websites. To avoid this mistake, always ensure that your website is light and loads faster.

Use the freely available tools to check on your website speeds. In case it is slow, make the necessary adjustments such as trimming your images, and videos and compressing large files that may be responsible for the slow speeds.

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