When was the last time you checked your website on a mobile device? Has it ever occurred to you that lots of your current and potential customers are using mobile devices to such for your products or services?

This is why it is important to optimize your website so that mobile users can also have a great time using it.

The number of web users shifting from desktop computers to mobile devices for browsing is on the rise. Google has a new policy called Mobile-Fast where they tend to favor mobile-friendly websites in the determination of a site’s rank.

Through responsive web design, it is now possible to come up with web designs that can be easily accessed through multiple devices.

That being said, here are some of the things you need to have in mind when optimizing your Kenyan website for mobile SEO and mobile devices-:

Kickoff the design with mobile in mind: Free SEO consulting in Kenya

Every SEO consulting in Kenya expert will tell you that the architecture of the web was initially to cater for desktop users.

However, the advancement in mobile technology has challenged this architecture, since the majority of the users are currently accessing the web through mobile devices.

As such, there is an urgent need for developers and designers to always have mobile in mind whenever they are coming up with any kind of web property.

In addition to starting with a responsive design, other elements that are vital for the mobile-friendliness of a website include the following-:

Content first, then color comes second

When considering mobile, you must prioritize content before you think about aesthetics – content first, then colour second.

Ensure that your content is readily available to users before you show off your graphic prowess. Remember, the mobile screen is small in size, and when you distract the users with lots of colours, your main marketing message may escape them, and the site may not serve its purpose. 

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Easy Navigation

With mobile devices, navigation is key for the success of your website. This is not the kind of display where you can just click anywhere and will take you to the home page.

You should create an intuitive navigation that easily directs users to where the most important information is located.

Also, think about using scroll-to-top widgets, and sticky headers to improve the navigation experience of the users.


You need to understand that mobile screens have limitations on the available display space. Additionally, the presentation on a mobile screen usually follows a vertical orientation.

As such, when designing a website, you must have prioritization in mind. You must prioritize the display of the elements that are most important to the users first.

For example, the CTA buttons should be visible and easily accessible to mobile users.

Proper Resource Optimization : Free SEO consulting in Kenya

If you are optimizing your Kenyan website for mobile users, be very careful with your use of resources.

You should keep in mind that visual elements such as videos, photos and icons consume the biggest bandwidth, not just for mobile users, but also for desktop users.

You should also remember that smaller web pages load faster than bigger web pages. This is very important when considering mobile users who are mostly very impatient.

Therefore, for resource optimization, consider the following-:

Resize your images – with proper resizing, you could get rid of nearly 80% of the image’s size. If you are targeting mobile users, ensure that the image size never exceeds 600 – 700px.

Instead of providing full-size photos, think about giving a link where users can click if they are interested in seeing the full-size photo.

Think about alternative file formats – you probably know about JPEG and PNG formats. However, these are not the greatest for display on mobile devices.

The latest formats ideal for mobile displays revolve around SVG and WebP file formats. These formats can easily scale to the screen size, thus rendering the best possible display with zero compromise on the load times.

Use compression to reduce file sizes – learn to reduce file sizes through compression using third-party tools.

With compression, the file sizes will be reduced but without any compromise on the quality of the photos.

For more details, contact SEO consulting in Kenya on proper resource optimization for your mobile web pages.

Learn the power of web caching – SEO consulting in Kenya

With web caching, a version of a web page is copied and stored on the browser and presented the next time a user comes looking for that web page.

The pages are normally copied or cached when the user visits them for the first time. When someone comes searching for the web page again, they are not served with a new or a live version, but the already stored copy.

The goal of this is to save time and improve performance.

Think about AMPs – Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages will reduce your web pages to the bare minimum to allow for super-fast loading and improved readability.

Since speed is important to the typical mobile user, using AMP should be a must-consideration when optimizing your website for mobile SEO.

Use structured data markup

This is also known as schema markup. It is a type of metadata that gives more background information regarding the information contained in your website.

By adding schema markup, it will be easy for the search engines to understand the contents of the web pages more accurately.

To use schema markup on your website, you can resort to the superfluity of the schema data generator tools.

Don’t use pop-ups

Pop-ups are very dangerous for mobile users. They not only hurt the user experience but also cause a lot of distraction for the users.

For a good user experience, avoid including pop-ups on the mobile versions of your websites. They may increase the bounce-back rates, leading to poor rankings on search engines.

Test and test again before deploying

Before finally deploying your website, be sure to thoroughly test it for mobile use. Check the entire layout to see if everything is fine.

Ensure that there are no broken links and that all the images render properly. Most importantly, check the page speeds and ensure that there are no loading issues.

Only deploy when you are happy with its performance on mobile devices.

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