Social Media Marketing in Kenya

Social Media Marketing in Kenya

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Do you want to see real results with social media marketing in Kenya? 

We are one of the leading social media marketing agencies in Kenya. We offer everything you need to succeed in promoting your business on various social media platforms.

Our services range from initial strategy and content creation to channel management, advertising and everything in between.

Businesses need to understand that there is more to social media than just posting beautiful photos and videos.

Talk to us today and let us work on your social media marketing in Kenya. 

Our Social Media Marketing and Management Process

Gone are the days when you would make random posts on social media and hope for great results.

With the current landscape, you have to be deliberate with your marketing actions for you to get ahead. Use our social media marketing in Kenya services to enable you achieve that. 

We have a tried and tested process for getting you success on any social media platform. Our simple, but effective process is as follows-:

Step One: Budget and Campaign Goal Definition

Our social media marketing services in Nairobi start with the definition of your budget and campaign goals.

We want to come up with realistic touchpoints so that you can have a clear picture of your goals. 

In this step, we will also analyze your competition. This is to help us gain valuable insights on the best strategy to adopt for your campaigns.

With the budget and the campaign goals defined, the next step is to agree on realistic deliverables and timelines.

Step Two: Identify Platforms and Activities for social media marketing in Kenya

The next stage is to identify the most suitable platforms, social media activities and audience segments ideal for your business. 

We don’t just posts randomly and hope it works. We are always very deliberate with our social media marketing in Kenya. 

Step Three: Execute The Plan

This is now the time for the social media marketing experts at Raysco Web and Net Solutions to shine. We will get to work with all our skills, expertise and tools to get you the results you need. 

Depending on your goals and our execution plan, we will allocate the right team to execute your customized strategy. 

Step Four: Reporting and Optimization

Once the data starts coming in, it is time for us to put our analytical and entrepreneurial minds to work.

With the generated reports, we will evaluate every aspect of the campaign.

This is so that we may scale up on what is getting results and do away with what is not working. 

This will lead to proper optimization of your campaigns so that you get the most of your time and ad spend.

The Social Media Platforms We Work With

Our team has the skills and expertise to work with all of the social media platforms out there.

We are very keen on following trends in social media usage.  As such, the following are our preferred social media platforms that have given us the best results for our clients.


Facebook is at the very core of social media marketing in Kenya. 

Our goal with using Facebook for social media marketing in Nairobi is to Attract, Engage and then Convert.

This is the simple process that we use to compel users to have an interest in your products and services.

The end goal is to turn them from being mere users to passionate followers and customers who will make real purchases from your store.

We work on various aspects of your Facebook profiles, always creating profiles that will resonate with your clients.

Talk to us today, and let us embark on the rewarding journey of making Facebook work for you and your business.

X – formerly known as Twitter

X is one of our best platforms for sharing informative and entertaining content about your brands, products and services.

With daily posts on X, we will inform your potential users about your vision for them, and how they can benefit by being your followers.

We use a blend of content types, ranging from videos, infographics, GIFs, and well-crafted images. We also make good use of trending hashtags so that we can maximize engagement and organic search.


It is on Instagram where pictures have a voice, and we are ready to make your business benefit from all the noise being made by the pictures on Instagram.

This is one of the best platforms for sharing testaments about your business.

We use simple but highly attractive images to create strong business profiles that will instantly make your business stand out from the rest.

We also discover and follow trends to increase engagement and organic reach.


Most businesses never venture into LinkedIn marketing because they believe that the platform is a preserve of professionals.

Though this is partly true, the platform has incredible potential if you learn to use it right.

If your business leans towards serving formal clients, then this is a platform that you have to include in your social media marketing arsenal.

It is a great place to introduce new products and services, provide expert opinions on matters touching on your industry, and give expert responses to queries within your niche.

We have cracked the LinkedIn code for business, and we are ready to help you establish total domination on the platform.


As far as business promotion goes, posting regularly on Pinterest can have a huge impact – no matter your products or services.

Our social media marketing experts in Kenya know the ins and outs of “pinning” to create a steady stream of users back to your website or other social media pages.

Our focus on Pinterest is to use the platform to guide customers to your online stores so that they can purchase the products that they have already engaged with on Pinterest.

Contact the leading social media marketing company in Kenya and get the boost you need for your brand to get noticed online.