Check out this comprehensive guide on web hosting Kenya. Get all the information you need for your web hosting needs in Kenya. 

Think about opening a restaurant within Nairobi CBD. You have obtained all the council permits. You have hired a chef and wait staff. The planning of your restaurant’s layout is complete and  you’ve also finalized your advertisement strategy.

But wait….you don’t have any lease on a space for your restaurant. You lack a physical space for your restaurant.

This is the same case when you have a website but you don’t have a hosting service provider in Kenya.

You will have a domain, probably with all the content worked out for your website.

However, there will be no place for your website to reside so that people can find it online. But how do you fix that?

You get web hosting Kenya services. In this guide, we tell you everything you need to know about web hosting. You will learn about the available types, and how to choose a hosting package right for your business.

Keep reading to find out more.

What is Web Hosting Kenya – Web hosting explained

Web hosting in Kenya simply refers to the act of sharing your website on the internet so that people may visit it. This is made possible by web hosting service providers in Kenya.

How Do Web Hosting Kenya Service Providers Work?

When you have a website in Kenya, your web hosting company in Kenya will provide you with web servers.

Web servers are simply very powerful computers designed to store and process data, and serve the data whenever necessary. It is the work of the servers to store all the files that constitute your website.

Whenever someone clicks on a link to your website, they are asking to be connected to the server which hosts your site. 

When the server receives this request and approves it, it will then serve the specific web page or data that was requested.

This is how your pages are made to appear whenever web users click on them on the browser.

It is worth pointing out that certain web hosting Kenya service providers will demand that you also purchase a domain name from them before choosing a hosting package.

You should decide whether or not you will get your domain name from a domain registrar before choosing the hosting service. Or, if you will get both the domain name and the hosting package from the same provider.

Additionally, web hosts in Kenya also have different levels of support, and website security. This is in addition to other guarantees for uptime and site performance.

These may be available as add-ons when choosing your hosting provider.

Types of Web Hosting Kenya Services Available

Still with our restaurant owner example, you will want to choose a great spot within Nairobi CBD for your restaurant.

In the same manner, you should choose the right web hosting Kenya service to effectively host your website and ensure it is always visible to your web visitors whenever they need it.

In Kenya, there is a multitude of web hosting packages available to small, medium and large enterprises. Here is a brief look at some of the common web hosting services you will in Kenya.

Types of Web Hosting Services Available in Kenya

Shared Hosting Plans in Kenya

With shared web hosting Kenya services, your website will reside on the same server as several other websites.

Due to this, shared web hosting Kenya is usually the least expensive or the most affordable hosting option for most businesses.

In as much as it may be a cost-effective option, it is an option you should consider only if your website has relatively low levels of traffic.

This is because your website is sharing the server resources with dozens of other websites and should thereby be a traffic surge on your website, you may not have all the server resources you need to support the high levels of traffic.

Some of the other features of shared website hosting plans in Kenya include-:

Easy to use – shared hosting plans are relatively easy to use. Usually, the hosting service provider will give you access to a user-friendly cPanel. This is where you can carry out tasks such as database creation, file uploads, and email setups.

You don’t have to be a seasoned coder to use a shared hosting plan in Kenya.

They come with a pre-configured environment – with shared web hosting Kenya plans, you will be getting pre-configured server settings.

This makes it very convenient for users with little or no background in tech. With such, you won’t have to worry about making any server configurations.

The downsides, on the other hand, include the following-:

Limited server resources 

Because many websites are hosted on the same server, there are limitations on the allocations of the RAM, disc space, and CPU usage.

These are likely to affect the performance of your website, especially when the traffic numbers start to rise.

Impact on the performance

Suppose there is a website within the shared server that experiences a surge in traffic, there is always a chance that it may affect the performance of other websites hosted on the same server.

Fewer customization options – shared hosting plans in Kenya don’t come with a lot of room for customization. You will encounter restrictions relating to software installation, server configuration, and server updates among others.

Though shared web hosting Kenya plans may not be ideal for websites with large traffic volumes, it is a great starting point for those just starting with web hosting in Kenya.

It is also a good choice for small businesses in need of affordable but reliable hosting solutions in Kenya.

Virtual Private Servers Hosting Plans in Kenya – VPS Hosting in Kenya

Virtual private server web hosting Kenya plans are relatively more expensive when compared to shared hosting. It is a great option if your website has lots of traffic.

Think of it as a blend between shared hosting and a dedicated server. With it, website owners will have more control and resources than they would if they opted for shared hosting. This is while still maintaining the cost-effectiveness of shared hosting.

With a virtual private server, a physical server is segmented into several multiple virtual servers.  Each virtual server has the ability to operate independently in terms of resources.

Since virtual private servers feature dedicated resources, they normally offer very good performance compared to shared hosting plans in Kenya.

Usually, when you host your website in a virtual private server in Kenya, you will experience very fast load times.  Your website will be capable of handling increased traffic without any problems.

Additionally, VPS hosting in Kenya gives the owners the ability to scale resources depending on the needs of their growing businesses.

With the ability to scale, the website will always have optimal performance even during periods of increased traffic.

Here is a brief look at some of the distinct features of VPS hosting services in Kenya-:

Dedicated Resources – VPS web hosting Kenya guarantees dedicated resources such as disc space, CPU and RAM. Every server has a predetermined allocation of resources leading to optimal performance. This is without any impact on the performances of the other sites within the server.

Customization and Root Access – with VPS web hosting Kenya, you will always have root access. This means that you will have administrative control over the server.

As such, you will have the freedom to carry out advanced customization, modify the server configuration and even install custom software.

Easy scalability – VPS web hosting Kenya comes with very easy scalability. As such, website owners can upgrade or downgrade resource allocation depending on the current website needs.

With such flexibility, this is the kind of hosting you want if you are currently experiencing fluctuations or an increase in resource requirements.

Access to virtualization technology

Virtual private server web hosting Kenya uses virtualization technology to create several virtual servers within a single physical server.

Every virtual server will feature its operating system. With this, users will have control and flexibility over actions such as server configuration as well as installation of software.

Some of the downsides of virtual private server hosting in Kenya include-:

They are more expensive than shared hosting – private servers are relatively more expensive than shared hosting. This is due to their dedicated resources and the additional control they accord users.

If you are just starting out with web hosting in Kenya, then this may not be an ideal solution for you.

Users have the responsibility for managing the server

 When you go for virtual private servers in Kenya, you will be solely responsible for managing the server.

This means that it will be your duty to carry out tasks such as implementing security patches, making software updates, and creating backups. You must be proactive in regular monitoring and maintenance of the server.

It requires technical knowledge – with the control and resource allocation capabilities of a VPS hosting plan in Kenya, it will require you to have a certain level of expertise to manage and configure it appropriately.

If you opt for this web hosting Kenya plan, then you should be okay with server administration. Or, be able to have access to someone with this level of technical know-how.

Dedicated Hosting Plans in Kenya

Dedicated hosting plans in Kenya are ideal if you are looking for a high-performance hosting solution that will offer you the maximum resources and control over the server.

With this option, you will get an entire physical server exclusively for your use.

Dedicated hosting services in Kenya come with full control over the server environment. This, in turn, makes it possible for you to effect configurations, fine-tune the performance of the server, and even implement advanced caching techniques for better server performance.

Also, with dedicated hosting services in Kenya, you will have access to advanced security measures.

These are necessary for lowering the risks of security breaches to guarantee the safety of your websites as well as sensitive data stored within the server.

Some of the other key features of dedicated server hosting in Kenya include-:

Maximum customization and control of the server 

Dedicated hosting solutions in Kenya give you maximum control and customization over the server.

This means that you will have the ability to customize the server environment as you want. These include installing the necessary software, making updates, and configuring the server settings as per your requirements.

Very high scalability – scaling with dedicated hosting is seamless. With it comes the power to expand the website resource allocation depending on the growth needs.

Whether you are in need of additional storage or you want to accommodate an increase in traffic, dedicated hosting will make it possible to quickly adapt as your needs change.

Exclusive server resources 

With a dedicated server hosting solution in Kenya, you will have an entire server dedicated to your websites.

This simply means that your websites will have access to all the server resources to themselves. These include storage, RAM, bandwidth, and CPU. With such, you will enjoy enviable performance and unmatched reliability.

Advanced server security features – dedicated hosting solutions in Kenya come with advanced security measures to ensure that your website and relevant data are adequately protected from all manner of potential threats.

It gives you the power to put in place very tough security protocols which will guarantee the safety of all the sensitive information within the server environment.

Though dedicated hosting services in Kenya comes with enviable features, they also have certain shortcoming. Here is a brief look at some of them-:

Higher Cost – dedicated servers in Kenya are more expensive than VPS or shared hosting in Kenya. This is primarily because it offers exclusive access to server resources.

It is a great option for huge websites or companies in need of extensive resources and performance capabilities.

You will have to manage the server on your own

If you choose dedicated server hosting plans in Kenya, it will be upon you to manage all the aspects of the server.

Some of the tasks you will be responsible for include troubleshooting, making regular backups, and making software updates. As such, you must be ready for ongoing monitoring.

It requires advanced technical skills

To manage a dedicated server, you must have advanced technical skills, especially those that relate to server management.

You have to be conversant with server management tasks. Some of these tasks include security updates, maintaining the server, and optimizing the server for optimal performance.

Managed Hosting Services in Kenya

With managed hosting, the web hosting company in Kenya will be responsible for managing your server.

This is usually a great solution if you are just starting out. It will also be ideal if you are a small business that doesn’t want to hire a server expert to take care of the technical aspects of your web server.

Cloud Hosting Plans in Kenya

Cloud Hosting in Kenya is a relatively new. It is a and flexible web hosting solution that maximizes on interconnected servers for safe, reliable and scalable hosting solutions.

Unlike the other types of hosting plans, cloud hosting services in Kenya give you on-demand resource allocation as well as the flexibility to cater for fluctuating traffic volumes.

With this dynamic nature of resource allocation, you are guaranteed optimal server performance at all times, even during times of high-traffic periods.

It uses a distributed network of servers. These bring about great reliability while at the same time reducing the risks of single points of failure.

For example, if there is a problem with one server, its workload will be seamlessly and automatically transferred to another server, hence, allowing for uninterrupted operations of your website.

Cloud hosting plans in Kenya usually feature a pay-per-use pricing model where you pay only for the resources that you utilize.

It is designed with load-balancing capabilities that can seamlessly distribute the incoming traffic across several servers.

As such, there is even resource utilization which prevents overwhelm on any one server. The result of this is very good performance and unmatched responsiveness.

Though very flexible in terms of pricing and resource utilization, cloud hosting in Kenya has certain considerations worth having in mind. They include the following-:

It depends on internet connectivity – for you to access your website hosted on cloud servers, there has to be internet connectivity.

If there are issues or disruptions with your internet connectivity, then access to your website may be hindered, leading to poor user experience.

Steep learning curve – getting acquainted with cloud server hosting comes with a steep learning curve. This is especially true if you are used to traditional server environments.

Getting to know the cloud infrastructure and the hosting environment is necessary for you to get the most out of these solutions, and this may take time.

Data security concerns – there are always concerns regarding the storage of data on remote servers. Though professional and reputable cloud hosting service providers in Kenya will offer robust security measures for their clients, there is a need for proper encryption, serious backup protocols, and stringent access control for cloud hosting clients.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Service Provider in Kenya

When considering the right web hosting provider in Kenya, you must consider a variety of factors to ensure that you set up your website for success online.

Read below for a brief look at some of the most important considerations you need to make when choosing web hosting in Kenya-:

Reliability and Performance

Reliability and performance are key to your website’s success. When shopping for a web hosting Kenya service provider, check for a hosting company with a demonstrated record of high server uptime.

With high server uptime and minimal drawdown, your website will be consistently accessible to visitors, improving your online credibility while at the same time enhancing user experience.

Flexibility and scalability

You will desire growth in your business, and this implies that your website will also grow. When choosing a web hosting provider in Kenya, therefore, consider web hosting companies that will provide you with scalable solutions.

These will make it easy for you to upgrade or downgrade your hosting needs depending on the changing landscapes of your business.

You also need flexible hosting solutions so that your website may have the ability to accommodate sharp spikes in traffic and be able to adapt to the ever-evolving online environments.

Safety and security of your website

With the current digital landscape, website security is always a top priority. You must work with a web hosting Kenya service provider that can guarantee robust security measures for your websites.

They should offer solutions such as SSL, regular website backups, and reliable firewalls. With a secure hosting environment, all your websites and sensitive data will be adequately protected from a horde of cyber threats.

Types of hosting plans offered

Have are very clear understanding of the hosting plans available by the web hosting company in Kenya.

Are they offering shared hosting, dedicated hosting, virtual private server hosting, or cloud hosting?

Remember, each plan takes care of specific hosting needs, and your choice should be the one that is most aligned with your needs.

Dependable customer support

Available and responsible customer support is key when it comes to reliable hosting service providers in Kenya.

You desire that you will have a team closer to you when you experience technical glitches on your website or whenever you have urgent queries that need to be addressed.

Ideally, your hosting provider in Kenya should be reachable 24/7 through a variety of channels.

You should easily reach them through website chat, phone, and email whenever you have a concern that needs to be addressed.

Value and pricing

In as much as pricing is essential in the choice of a web hosting provider in Kenya, you must check it against the value being offered by the hosting company.

Beyond the initial cost, check on the features of the package, the overall performance and the available add-ons.

Check the company’s reputation as well as reviews from past clients to see if they are the right fit for your needs at that price point.

Backup and disaster recovery capabilities

Data loss can sound the death knell for your website. Before you settle on a web hosting service provider in Kenya, you must ascertain that they offer regular backups and they also have in place a robust disaster recovery plan.

This is to guarantee the safety of your data. In case of any unforeseen events, they should be able to quickly restore your website to avoid service disruptions.

Performance and Speed

The last thing you want is a slow website that will drive your visitors away with a poor user experience.

Before you commit to any website hosting provider in Kenya, be sure to test their server performance as well as their loading speeds.

 Fast load times will enhance the user experience which will in turn have a positive impact on the search engines. This must be a priority consideration when choosing a website hosting company in Kenya.

The reputation and experience of the hosting provider

Don’t just choose a web hosting company in Kenya because your friend works there or because you have a connection to the top management of the company.

Take your time and research the provider’s reputation as well as experience in the Kenyan web hosting space.

Read reviews submitted by other users. Try initiating conversation with them to gauge the kind of care you can expect from them.

If you are happy with what you are finding out about their reputation and experience, then go ahead and pay for their web hosting services in Kenya.

Have A Clear Understanding Of Your Website’s Requirements

For you to get the most out of your website and domain hosting in Kenya, you must have a clear understanding of your website’s requirements.

By knowing what your website will need, you will be in a position to go for a hosting plan that will meet your goals and business objectives.

Read below for some of the things you need to know to have a clear understanding of your website’s requirements-:

The Type Of Website You Want

What kind of website will you be designing? Different websites will come with varying hosting needs. Some of the popular website categories include-:

Personal websites – these include personal blogs, portfolios or small sites to showcase your personal life, achievements, goals, inspirations etc.

Their focus is not on making you money and you don’t anticipate growing them into real money-making machines. For personal websites, you will do just fine with shared hosting plans.

Small business websites – these are the kinds of websites that small businesses go for. They are primarily informative sites.

The best hosting packages for these kinds of sites include shared hosting or VPs hosting solutions.

E-commerce websites – just as the name suggests, these websites are for e-commerce businesses. They usually feature sensitive data and online transactions.

The best hosting solutions for these kinds of websites include VPS hosting and dedicated hosting.

The Traffic Expectations For Your Website

What is the volume of traffic you are expecting on your website?

Knowing your target audience and the number of visitors you can expect on your website each month will give you a glimpse into the kind of resources you need for the website.

Some of the pointers you need to look at when gauging your traffic expectations include-:

Estimates of the traffic volume – what is your anticipation for daily, weekly and monthly traffic volume? With this data, you can choose a hosting plan that will be capable of comfortably handling the anticipated traffic to your website.

Highest traffic periods – at what point of the day, week or point do you anticipate the highest traffic to your website?

Are planning to carry out online events or promotions that may suddenly lead to a spike in traffic to your website?

Go for a hosting service provider in Kenya that can accommodate such surges without hurting the performance of your website.

Your website’s storage and bandwidth requirements

Try and figure out the kind of content you will be populating on your website since this will give you a glimpse into the data transfer requirements of your website.

Will you be hosting videos, images, text or downloadable materials for your users? Remember, larger files will not only require additional storage but also additional bandwidth whenever users request them.

Do you anticipate high download rates or heavy consumption of your site’s media? These will determine the amount of bandwidth you need which will guarantee smooth user experiences.

Website Software and Applications

What website applications or software will you be using on your website? Are you planning to use a content management system such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla?

Or, do you want a website that will need a specific programming language or frameworks? Whatever your choice is, ensure that your website hosting provider in Kenya has provisions for such.

Hosting and management of your emails

Will you be corresponding a lot through emails, or do you plan to embark on email marketing which may see you send and receive lots of emails?

Determine the specific number of email addresses you may need for your business.

Determine the hosting and storage requirements for those emails and confirm that your web hosting Kenya service provider has adequate provisions for such.

Future Growth and Scalability

Do you anticipate growth for your website and business in the near future? If so, then the hosting provider you choose must allow for easy scalability when the need arises.

They should let you upgrade your plan without any problems so that you can seamlessly accommodate the evolving needs of your website.


The process of choosing the right web hosting Kenya is like finding the right partner for your online journey.

It will have a huge impact on the performance, reliability as well and success of your online business. Therefore, you need to take your time and not rush anything.

Do your research and have your website’s needs at heart.

In the search for the right website hosting company in Kenya, there is one company that stands tall among the rest – Raysco Web and Net Solutions.

If you need a reliable partner to take care of all your hosting needs in Kenya, offering you feature-packed and cheap web hosting services in Kenya, look no further.

We have a variety of plans that will suit the hosting needs of any kind of business. Whether you are interested in hosting a personal blog or setting up the largest e-commerce store in Kenya, we have just the right hosting solution to meet your needs.

Our servers are high-performance, with an enviable record of excellent uptime. With us, your websites will stay accessible to your customers all the time. blends together world-class hosting features and affordable pricing for every Kenyan in need of affordability, reliability and security for their web hosting needs.

Therefore, contact us today if you are ready to take your online business to the next level with an unmatched and pocket-friendly hosting provider in Kenya. Call now for exciting offers.

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