You have spent some time and searched around for the cheapest web hosting in Kenya. You have a domain, hired a website design expert in Nairobi and your site is already complete.

Hiding your joy of owning a website becomes difficult. You know that it will help you sell your products and services 24/7.

After one week, you start getting lots of calls from your customers complaining that they can’t access your website.

You rush to your phone’s browser to see if they are telling the truth.  You are then met with the same message that they are all seeing – Your website has been hacked.

The hackers then tell you to send $1000 in Bitcoin to one of their online wallets. Worry sets in, and you see how your dreams of becoming an online millionaire quickly vanish in thin air.

So, what went wrong? Could this have been avoided and did you aid the hackers in gaining access to your website?

Well, so many things could have gone wrong. The bottom line is that you never took seriously your website’s security.

Read below to learn some of the best ways to guarantee the safety and security of all of your online assets.

Keep your password safe and update them regularly

Every website and web hosting account has a portal where you can log in and perform tasks such as website and domain management.

You have to keep the password to these portals safe and secure. Don’t just share them with anyone.

Also, ensure that they are strong and not simple phrases that hackers can easily figure out.

Make it a habit of updating your passwords regularly to thwart any attempts by those trying to break into your website.

Ensure that your website runs on an updated version of its platform or software

With most of the cheapest web hosting in Kenya service providers, you will find them equipped with various kinds of website builders.

These are common applications that nearly everyone who wants access to them can have. As such, they provide a very potent hunting ground for hackers who are keen on hurting unsuspecting users.

One of the reasons why hackers have a field day with such software is that most webmasters don’t update their software.

An old version may have certain security loopholes.  Hackers may exploit these loopholes to harm your website.

Therefore, always ensure that your website is running on the most recent version of its software.

Ensure your website is running on HTTPS

All the website addresses online will begin either with an HTTP or an HTTPS. They may sound alike but there is a very huge difference between the two.

HTTPS is secure while HTTPS is not. HTTP is the protocol responsible for transmitting data from your website to the server. And, also, from the server back to your website.

If the protocol is not secure, then the data sent to and from your server are not encrypted. As such, it is easy for hackers to intercept that data and use it as they wish.

If you are running a website that contains vital information such as personal details and credit card numbers, then you must use HTTPS at all times.

This is how you can guarantee the safety of the data transmission to and from your websites and servers.

Use security scripts and plugins

Most of the cheapest web hosting in Kenya service providers will not give you access to some of the best security scripts and plugins.

The basic level of protection they usually provide should work for most people.

However,  you should consider installing security scripts and plugins.

This is especially the case if you are using a CMS such as WordPress to create your websites. Some of the methods that hackers use to target websites are brute force and dictionary attacks.

It is recommended that you install scripts and plugins that can detect when such attacks are on. They should also be able to initiate the appropriate protocols to keep the website safe during attacks. 

For example, if someone tries to log into the site for more than five times, their IP is blocked for 24 hours. Such measures will minimize and deter hackers from having a field day on your website.

Install a web application firewall

A web application firewall is to your website what an antivirus is to your computer. There are a variety of web application firewalls that you can choose from.

With such an applications, you will can analyze the traffic coming to your website and also determine all the bad requests.

Additionally, it has the ability to detect SQL injections or brute force attacks targeting your website.

There are cases when the cheapest web hosting in Kenya service provider sleeps on the job.  They then fail to protect your website.

In such cases, the web application firewall will cover your back and ensure that your website is not a victim of any malicious attack.

Back up files regularly

Learn to back up your data regularly. There is a backup rule by most IT professionals and it is a good way to ensure that you always have the most recent copy of your website files.

The rule is the 3-2-1 rule of back. It simply states that you should have three copies of your data stored in two separate locations as well as one copy of your data stored online.

With such a system, should there be problems with your website data or you need to restore the most recent version, you will always have a backed-up copy of all of your data.

Choose a secure hosting service provider

You may have the best website on the internet, but if the hosting server is not secure, then it is worthless.

This is because it will be prone to attacks and you may not have it the next minute. Due to this, the security of your WordPress starts with your hosting service provider.

You may be tempted to go for the cheapest web hosting in Kenya providers, but one of their glaring downsides is that they will never guarantee the safety of your website.

Therefore, while considering web hosting companies in Kenya, choose ones with secure servers that will effortlessly guarantee the safety of your websites and other digital assets.

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