Email Marketing in Kenya

Email Marketing In Kenya

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Master the godfather of direct marketing with email marketing in Kenya by Raysco Web and Net Solutions. Get the power to speak to your database personally, professionally and in the most effective manner.

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Market Directly to Your Customers’ Inboxes – No more Junk Mails

With email marketing, you have a marketing route that bypasses the top of the funnel straight to the customer. You get the power to deliver your marketing message without having to attract the customers in the first place.

 Through our campaigns, you have the power in your hands to send personalized messages to your subscribers.  This will keep them engaged with your messages and think of your brands all the time. 

With the powerful segmentation and automation tools available with us, you will have all you need to deliver the right message to the right persons at the right time.

This, will, in turn, increase the chances of conversions while keeping your target audience engaged with your brand.

Through professional email marketing in Kenya, you will not only save time and money.  You will also see a significant increase in the ROI of your marketing efforts.

Automate, Automate and then Automate Again

Are you ready to hear some good news today? We can help you fully automate your email marketing campaigns.

There is a wide range of actions that can trigger the automatic sending of emails.  As such, your audiences will always feel exclusive, appreciated and understood.

When messages land directly into the inbox of your customers, it will compel them to take action. This is another beauty of email marketing. 

Once the email is delivered automatically to their inbox, they will have to open it, read it or get it deleted.

Whether or not they read the email, your brand name will be sitting right in front of them in the inbox. Subtly, they will subconsciously have your brand in their minds.

No matter your current standing with email marketing – whether you are getting started or you want to increase your efforts in this arena of marketing, the digital marketing experts here at Raysco Web and Net Solutions are ready to help you get the best results.

Call us now and let us get you started on your email marketing journey.

Frequently Asked Questions on Email Marketing in Kenya

Why do I need email marketing in Kenya?

As opposed to what most people think, email marketing is not dead. At Raysco Web and Net Solutions, we believe that email marketing is a powerful means that you can use to create stronger connections with your customers.

It is a way of rewarding them with valuable information for being your subscribers. Through email marketing, your customers can know about your products, services and promotions at no additional cost on your part.

Through email marketing, you will build relationships with new and past clients, warm up those who are yet to make a purchase and show appreciation to your list for choosing you out of the many options that they had.

It is also worth noting that email marketing has a relatively higher ROI. Think of it as a powerful magnet for drawing back clients to your website, products or services after their very first engagement.

With the email automation and feedback reporting tools at Raysco Web and Net Solutions, we will equip you with all you need to generate high open rates, as well as ROIs of up to 6X.

Why set up automated email marketing in Kenya

Automating email marketing in Kenya makes it possible for your business to deliver customized emails to targeted leads.

You will be pleased to know that it is not only the sending of the emails that are automated but also each email is tracked so that you know how your email marketing efforts are performing.

In addition to automation saving you time, we can set the email marketing campaigns so that they trigger when your prospective leads take certain actions. they are triggered by a myriad of actions by your prospective leads.

This will ensure that campaigns will run seamlessly in the background without your physical input all the time.

Campaign drip is another interesting reason why you should consider automated email marketing.

We use drip campaigns to send to your audiences various marketing emails delivered to them regularly at scheduled future dates. 

Is email marketing different from marketing automation?

Email marketing refers to the efforts you make to generate leads or sales by sending emails. It is a vital part of marketing automation.

It is one of the benefits that you can reap through marketing automation. Simply understand that there are many automation strategies, and email marketing is just one of them.

Can I get email marketing services from you if I’m not in Nairobi?

Absolutely! Though we would love to see your lovely face, thanks to the power of the internet, you don’t have to be physically present so that you enjoy our email marketing services in Nairobi.

We can always plan virtual strategy sessions, meetings and campaign follow-ups, provided that you can find a means of connecting with us over the Internet.

In what ways will email marketing in Kenya boost my ventures?

At Raysco Web and Net Solutions, we provide you with all the support you need to succeed with email marketing in Kenya. We will work with you very closely to ensure that the deliveries come with very high open rates.

We personalize all emails, and test them through uniquely designed email marketing scripts and templates. 

This will be in addition to promoting your brand image and domain reputation to continuously sustain the high open rates.

Throughout the time that you will work with us, we will monitor every campaign using advanced tracking and monitoring systems so that you have a clear picture of the progress of your email marketing efforts.

With all this effort, ultimately, the results will speak for themselves.

What is the best email marketing software for my business?

At Raysco Web and Net Solutions, we have at our disposal a wide range of leading email marketing platforms.

MailChimp, Active Campaign and HubSpot are just but a few of our favourites. If you have suggestions on a platform of your preference, we will gladly consider them and advise you accordingly.

Get in touch with us today and let us embark on the rewarding journey of email marketing for the success of your business.