Content marketing has become a top agenda for many businesses. SEO experts in Kenya are striving to offer the best they can to their clients.

Getting more inbound traffic to websites requires a strong search engine optimization content strategy.

SEO experts in Kenya can use content intelligently to crack open potential audiences that might have not already been known to businesses.

Though the concept of search engine optimization is ever-changing, the need for proper keyword research has remained constant.

Google comes up with updates now and then, but they have never relented on the need for quality content.

For this content to be discovered by users, however, they must type some phrase into the search engine.

The search engine will then return the most relevant content based on the search phrase they used.

Due to this, every SEO strategy must take seriously the aspect of keyword research in content creation. This is what will lead users to their content within the internet.

There are numerous methods to conduct keyword research. There is also a superfluity of tools that you can deploy to make the process quicker and simpler.

If you are in Kenya and you are thinking about embarking on a content marketing journey for your business, read below for some vital keyword research tips for SEO in Kenya.

Start by knowing your audience

Most people, including some of the top SEO experts in Kenya, usually overlook this aspect of keyword research.

Before you decide on what terms you are going to optimize on your website, you must have a clear understanding of who your audience is. 

The goal of keyword research is to help you get into the minds of your audience.  This is to help you predict what they are looking for and then optimize the right content for them.

By having a good knowledge of who your potential clients are, you will also develop a clear picture of the kinds of keywords they are likely to type in the search engines.

Make good use of longtail keywords

Long tail keywords provide more perspective and usually are more targeted than short phrase keywords. It could be tempting to target short phrases because they normally have large volumes of searches.

However, short phrase keywords are very competitive and sometimes they have very low buyer intent.

Long tail keywords, on the other hand, may have low volumes. However, they are very targeted with extremely high buyer intent.

Therefore, be sure to research as many long-tail keywords as possible and plan to create quality content around them.

Do you need help to discover the best long-tail keywords in your industry? Contact some of the best SEO experts in Kenya to help you with keyword research.

Think of using different variations

Once you have a seed keyword or keyphrase, the next step is to work on variations that your target audiences are likely to use while searching for your products and services.

To come up with these variations, you can use several keyword research tools.

All you have to do is plug in the main keyword then let the tool reveal to you all the possible variations in that niche. Be careful, however, not to use every variation presented to you.

Go through the list and sort it out, deleting the suggestions that don’t make sense to your target audience.

Identify potential areas of opportunity

With the help of the best keyword research tools, you will not only get variations and suggestions on the best keywords to use.

You will also have the opportunity to uncover hidden gems that your potential users are searching for, yet no one is making content on the keywords or ranking on top of the search engine result pages.

A tool such as Google Keyword Planner can come in handy in helping you uncover keywords with the best search opportunities that are yet to be exploited.

Use the keywords to guide the content creation process

Most of the SEO experts in Kenya usually love optimizing the content after the fact. This means that they write the content, and then go search for the relevant keywords to plug in.

This is never the best approach. Ideally, you need to create a keyword list and then use the list to come up with content ideas.

As such, all the content that you create will revolve around the keywords, making it easy to optimize.

With this approach, every piece of content you come up with will always include a target phrase right from the beginning.

Take advantage of traffic analytics

Unknown to most people, Google Analytics can be a valuable tool in keyword research and content creation process.

By taking a closer look at the traffic trends, you can always tell which keywords are bringing in the bulk of the traffic, and which ones are bringing the least traffic.

With this knowledge, you can develop your list further to include the set of keywords obtained from analytics, and which sometimes, could have been absent in your initial list.

SEO keeps on changing, but the basics of keyword research and proper content creation will always remain the same.

Consider these tips when searching for the keywords you would like to use for search engine optimization in Kenya.

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